Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Outing

We took a little road trip up to Northern Va. for St. Patrick's Day. The weather was perfect. Most people were headed to DC for the cherry blossoms but we didn't make it that far & didn't really want to get into those crowds. Our day was just as fun as we went to lunch in Alexandria for BBQ then back down to Mt. Vernon. I told Siena all that I could remember about George Washington as we walked around the grounds. (At times I think I need a little history refresher course myself). We got to go inside the house but the front porch was full of scaffolding as they were restoring it again. So no pretty pictures of the front of the house. We also got to see the Washington family tomb & I guess because of that, it's now gotten Siena asking questions about death. I just explained it a little tonight with her. She told me that she wanted to see a dead person just because she has never seen one. Oh wow...I hope she doesn't see anyone dead anytime soon.

While we were in Alexandria for lunch, Siena spotted a playground so it took president over the 1st President.

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