Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Girl Scout Father-Daughter Dance

It was a special night last Saturday night as Princess Siena & Prince Daddy were to attend the Girl Scout's Father-Daughter Dance. I'm so glad I was given permission to help out in the kitchen since Mom's were not allowed to attend. Yes, that was my way of getting in so I could watch & take pictures of course. Even though Daddy's not much of a dancer, Siena didn't let him sit too many out. She had a blast dancing. She could even follow along with the Macarena. She had learned the moves from her Preschool days as a way to remember the months of the year. How cleaver. The party DJ was of my generation as most of the music I could really relate to. I could have danced at that party myself if I were allowed. She even had them doing the Soul Train line.

 Mark was actually sick as a dog. He had been in the south all week for work & had gotten "pollen lung". There was so much pollen in the air that he came back home, barely able to talk. But that didn't stop him from taking his Princess to the Ball.

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