Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Another Milestone

So hard to believe that Siena is finishing Kindergarten. Few people believe she's even that old. She's still our baby girl.

While the school didn't hold a formal graduation, they did have a Kindergarten Recognition Day with each class holding it's own event followed by a picnic with the families. Siena received her certificate along with an Art Excellence Award from her Art teacher.

We are so proud of all her accomplishments this year. One thing sticks in my head. Her teacher always said that she is a leader.
She's done really well in all aspects of academics. She loves math & reading. She's now reading chapter books & loves them dispite the lack of illustrations that they have. She's so dedicated to any work that is placed in front of her. She's still a little sponge just like the day she came home from China, soaking up the world around her. We know she's a leader too. Look out 1st Grade!

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