Tuesday, December 18, 2012

School Play

The holiday play was tonight & Siena didn't miss a step, beat, or line in the production of "Melton The Warm Hearted Snowman"

All of the 1st graders at school were in the production. This year Siena had 2 lines at different times throughout the play. She played the part of one of the children while the other kids were snowmen, snow women, elves & reindeer. She had told me that she wanted to pick something that would be easiest for me to do a costume for. She thought I had a hard time with her worm costume in last year's play. Well, that was true. The worm costume was a bit of a challenge & this time she only had to wear "winter clothes".
It was all too cute. Everyone did a great job & she really enjoyed it. That's, of course, what matters most.

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