Sunday, January 28, 2007

But We Wait........

It's Monday moring in China now. It's still Sunday night here. The rumor is, that the matches have been made and Referrals should be sent out soon. But we wait.

I called our Agency last Thursday & they still INSIST that we will get our Referral Before the next batch and not with the next batch at all. They said that they have no idea when the next batch is coming and that I probably know more than they do. Well, maybe I do but I think they know more than they are willing to tell me. But if this is true then they had better get on the ball since I hear on the Internet that the next batch should be coming this week if not next. But we wait.

My guess is that the next batch is coming this week on Thursday. And this is a guess so don't take it to the bank. But we wait.

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Don & Judy said...

Hang on Carol, we're gonna make it!

I know, these last 30 days have been so hard, but let's believe our daughters are on their way!

Thinking of you!
*waiting for Marlee!