Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rumors Are Flying....Or Are They Storks?

Well, Here we are again. Waiting to see if we make this next batch of Referrals. Rumors are flying, especially from our Dear Friend Rumor Queen. She states on her blog that the Referrals were mailed from China on Tuesday Jan.30th. That they usually take about 2-4 days to get to the US.
But yes, we wait again to see if we make it. Mark & I both have to work tomorrow but we will we waiting for that call.


Shelby said...

Carol, I have been checking all day and praying to see good news. I hope that you are to busy starring at your daughters beautiful face to post. Thinking of you, Shelby

Denise said...

Hoping and Praying that ya'll are in this batch !!!

Denise Wallace