Tuesday, March 20, 2007

1st Day in Guangzhou

Sometimes ya just gotta kick back.
Love Child!
I know you wanna pinch my cheeks.
I'm trying to do some bargaining with the shop keepers, Mom.
Me & Mommy on an evening stroll.
Me & my Daddy just doing what we do best. Having coffee!
My 1st Piano lesson.

Girl's gotta have bows!

We made it here safely. Siena was pretty good with the hour or so flight here. But we should have had a bottle ready for landing. The cabin pressure got to her. So I had to make one up quickly but not with hot water. She drank it right down and it did the trick. She never took her nap today either. She wanted to stay up and see the sights. We had to run across the street to have her Visa photo made so we had to keep her up anyway. We did this, then ran to get a few things from the grocery store. We later ate dinner at the famous Lucy's. It has mostly American style foods. Seina sat in the highchair and ate some crackers like a good little girl. We had already given her another bottle before we went down to eat. After dinner we strolled around the area and shopped. The White Swan sits on a small Island. The buildings here are considered old British Colonial. It is much more laid back than Nanchang and much less traffic. Hurray for that! There are large trees in parks and nice strolling areas.

We are now settled in & both of my babies are sleeping. Mark is passed out in one bed and Siena is in the other. Siena didn't like the crib here so we had to settle her down in one of the twin beds. I suppose the crib was too big and scared her. She is a really good baby. She is very smart and is an angel on outings. She loves people and everyone comes up to talk to her. She has her moments when she wants something and we are figuring her out. I've worked with her on playing by herself and she is so sweet to watch. I've tried to get her to crawl but she just lays there and cries. She likes to stand with help so I think she is going to walk before she crawls.
Tomorrow is the Medical Exam. Most babies pass with flying colors. I think it is just a brief little check up and then out the door. I hope she doesn't get too scared with that.

Photos today are some from last night at the piano bar , a few here in Guangzhou and some of Siena just being a ham!

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thegreybullet said...

What wonderful pictures!! Siena looks so comfortable with both of you! She is just so adorable! I am glad things are going so well for you!