Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Guangzhou Day!

Another taxi ride. What? No car seat? Only in china!
Ancient Chen Family Home & Museum Entrance.
Silk art on display at the Academy (Chen Home)

Academy front door.
Stone carvings
Chen family bed with porcelain pillows!
Sand & stone artwork on display.

Six Banyan Pagoda & Worship Area.

Medical Exam for Clearance.
I'm ok so far! Thank goodness they didn't go the other way with that thermometer!

I don't like this part!!!

Several things for Siena today. This morning was the medical exam. We were late getting there since Daddy's watch is not working right but we made it. We were the last to get examined but hey, at least we didn't have to wait in line. Anyway, Siena did a great job. The long, fast stroller ride made her happy so she was in good spirits when we arrived. Apparently she checked out fine and then off we went. A few hours later we were back on the streets again. This time for the sightseeing. We first went to Liurong Temple (Temple of the Six Banyan Trees). It consisted of a court yard style area with a tall pagoda in the center, surrounded by several buildings with Buddhas for worship. Riding in her stroller and posing for pictures Siena just took it all in. Next was a trip through town to the Chen Clan Academy. This was considered a mansion for the Chen family & their ancestors during the Qing Dynasty. Lots of antiques and various works of art on display.
Winding down the evening we had a nice Thai dinner with our friends the McKenzies from Fredericksburg. They are here getting their new daughter Kendall. Kendall is a beautiful and loving little girl of 3 years old. Much happiness to Kendall with her forever family!

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