Thursday, March 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home & A Doctor...What?

We have been home now for 4 days. All 3 of us have been trying to wipe out this jet lag. It is worse coming home than going. We have Siena on a pretty good feeding schedule now but she still wakes up late at night. In China she was very good about sleeping all night. The house is a wreak. Baby clothes are everywhere but at least everything is clean thanks to daddy keeping up with the wash.
Siena has been a Mommy's girl and is just now starting to let me put her down to play alone for long periods at a time. She is a very good eater and is eating any kind of baby food we give her. In China we didn't try too many different things since we didn't want to upset her system while there. We switched her formula to the US brands and think it may be making her constipated so we asked the Dr. today during our visit what we should try. She gave us several samples of soy and milk based. Yeah, the Dr. appt. was not too bad. But the arm stick at the lab for blood work was a different story. She screamed only during the sticking and I wanted to cry too. But at least they got it on the 1st stick. After getting the blood drawn, Siena put out the largest pouty lip I have ever seen. She was looking straight at the 2 lab techs. She was over my shoulder so Mark missed it. The techs grabbed their office camera to try to get a shot of it but she then smiled instead. What a ham for the camera again. Her weight at the Dr.'s office was just under 16 lbs. During the China exam it was about the same. We are going to see a Pediatric Ophthalmologist to check out her left eye. I knew it was a lazy eye but the Dr. thought there may be a little vision problem because of it. I sure hope not.
I have been working with her to get her to start crawling. She still won't move when I put her on her belly. She just kicks her legs & feet and raises her chest. So we are getting set up with a Physical Therapist for evaluation. Other than that she is doing really well for a little girl who has gone through so much. Today she has been babbling like she is trying to talk. I am pretty sure she is saying Momma. I have been working with her on that a lot. Dada too, of course!!!

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