Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Room Of Her Own!

Siena sees her Bedroom for the 1st time!!!
Here I come, ready or not!Hey, Come on in everyone! It's pretty cool in here!
Tea party! Tea party! Tea party!
A Doll that looks like me. What'll they think of next?

Not fair, she has more hair than I do.
Wow, How cool is that?! Are you really gonna put me in that boat? Wow, this thing could hold 30 of me!
I know how to do it Mom! Ya just hang on. Check out my crib.

Oh, they're fake. I thought you always bought real.
Rock-a-bye bunny!


thegreybullet said...

What an adorable little princess! She looks so cute in her rocker!! I am so happy to hear all is going well for you!


Stephanie said...

I will always remember Katy's reaction at seeing her new room when we brought her home in 2004. She looked around and smiled as if to say, "Nice digs!" Love your blog and your little girl is such a doll. She looks a lot like her Mama. The CCAA did a great job!