Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Snoopy Dance to China!!!

HEY!!! Wow. All is moving so fast now! That's right! We are finally going to China! We are supposed to leave this Sunday, March 11th. Then I hear on Saturday. Things are crazy so I will post more about our Itinerary as soon I as get it from the press. I have lots of business to take care of before leaving. Thanks to everyone for your support. We hope we can post here from China. But just in case here is another site that we may have even more pictures on and can post from. http://schaller.redthreadkids.org/

We are doing the Snoopy Dance now, in Honor of our Daughter who was born in the Year of the Dog! By the way did I tell ya, we are finally going to China?


Kimber said...


You are so lucky!! Yippee! We are still waiting for out TA and our agency said CCAA is mailing it on Thursday. They expect to have it Monday:( So sad but so happy for you. I will watch your journey.


Don & Judy said...

Hi Carol!
I am so excited for you! Wow...leaving on Sat or Sunday!!

I hope you don't have any prob's posting to blogger. I'll be on your door step!

Have a wonderful trip to your sweetie!

Judy (waiting on TA!)