Saturday, March 03, 2007

What's Going On?

Well, we still don't have our TA (Travel Appoval) yet. Which is China allowing us to travel there to get our child. But we do know that we will now be going to Beijing 1st instead of Hong Kong. This is a new path with our Agency. In the past, groups would go to Hong Kong for one night then on to the Province that your child was in. My friend Dana, who is also with our Agency, has been in Beijing for the past 2 nights. They are headed out tomorrow to her child's Province. She toured the Great Wall & was supposed to visit Tiananmen Square but was not allowed because of some political event going on.
We also are awaiting our translation of our Referral from our Agency. Most Agencies only take a few days to get this out. But as you know how well our Agency moves on things, it is said to take about a month. I had some of it translated by a nice lady at a Chinese Restaurant in town but I still would like to get the official translation soon. Once I get this I can tell you more about Siena's characteristics, habits, etc.
It did say that she is in Foster care & we hope this is really the case. I heard that sometimes this is falsified since this is something that we Americans love to hear. I do, but I'd rather hear the truth. At the time her medical report was taken she was weighing 12 lbs. & 8 oz. Not sure if this is when the pictures were taken.

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Carrie said...

Carol did you get your TA today?
Will we be in Nanchang together?

We may be leaving the 22nd but still waiting on CA --of course more waiting! LOL

Can't wait until we're all flying over the Pacific to get our daughters!!