Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stinky Girl Gets Citizenship After All!

Come'er I wanna tell ya a secret.
Mommy & Wendy. Mommy bought too much stuff from her.
Here's my 2 teeth again!
Hey, I was told to just lay around and look cute!
Well, I'm back to posting today but we are actually back home. I want to back up and post about our last morning in Guangzhou and then our time in Beijing before moving on.

Our last morning in GZ, which was Friday March 23rd was spent just relaxing and shopping in the nearby shops. Around noon we had to all head over to the US Consulate for the VISA Interview. We went with our Agency's group that we had met up with in GZ. Other than that & a group photo we were never really with any of the group on the whole trip.
The Consulate appointment was pretty brief but Siena had spoiled her diaper and we were not allowed to take anything at all with us to the Consulate but our passports. No diapers, no cameras, no nothing. So needless to say she was not very happy during the swearing in portion of the visit. Although Mommy & Daddy were since this meant the last of all appointments and the official part of making Siena a US citizen! Hooray!!!

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