Monday, March 12, 2007

We Made it!!!

Hi all!
We finally made it to China. We are now in Hong Kong. We are staying at the Regal Hotel at the airport. We got here about 7 pm China time. A 15 hour flight !!!We both managed to sleep and try to sleep at the right time to get adjusted. But, yeah we cheated and took sleeping pills. After getting off the plane we were met at the gate by a Bellman from the Hotel holding a sign with our names on it. Then....It Hit Me! I started crying. Certain things are slowly setting me off. I couldn't hold back but I was OK. Poor guy thought I was probably crazy. We followed him through the airport and went through Immigration & Customs with no problems.
I got a little nauseous this morning too. From the house, on the way to the airport I was worrying if Siena is going to get scared and miss her Foster Mom.
Anyway, the hotel is very nice. Trendy & upscale. Still can't drink the water here so Mark walked back over to the airport to get some bottled water. The shower was the best shower ever. Now it's getting late and we have to hit the hard bed. Yeah, China is not known for good mattresses. Right now, who cares. Tomorrow is a big day. We head to Nanchang to get Siena! Finally! I think we are going straight to the Adoption Center from the airport. I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow. Wish us all luck.


Kimber said...

Glad you made it safely to Hong Kong.I cannot wait to see your Gotcha Day. You have a VA adoption buddy watching here. Hopefully, my hubby will be going to pick up our daughter (in Nanchang) as you are coming home. Blessings on your big day!


marc said...


Yall made it to Hong Kong in less time than it took you to get to Texarkana.

Great web page! We are enjoying reading about your journey to pick up your beautiful baby girl.


thegreybullet said...

I am so happy to hear of your safe arrival in Hong Kong. I hope you get some rest, I know it will be difficult as thoughts of Sienna will be dancing in your head. I can not WAIT to see your Forever Moment with Siena! I will be checking back often!