Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Big Day in History!

"Well, Tuesday was a big day for Mommy & me. Mommy wanted to go out to run some errands and get our car an oil change & inspection. She didn't want to have to carry me around to all those things so she had me stay with our good friend Ms. Maribel. Mommy wasn't too sure about it so you can only imagine how she was feeling. I have never stayed all by myself with anyone except Mommy or Daddy. This was a really big thing for Mommy to do. But I tried to let her know that I was going to be a big girl about. So on Tuesday we went over to Ms. Maribel's house around noon. She was happy to see me. She is such a fun person. I went right into Ms. Maribel's arms as Mommy looked a little worried. I didn't cry as Mommy finally kissed me good bye and left. I was a big girl the whole time without any tears. Mommy called a few times to check up on me and I over heard Ms. Maribel tell Mommy that everything was fine & that I was not crying. I know this made Mommy feel much better about things. I'm sure Mommy knew that she was leaving me in the hands of a great babysitter. And boy, is she. I just love Ms. Maribel. I hope to stay with her again sometime. "

This is how a real Princess sleeps.

Uh oh...We're caught in action.


Heather said...

Siena is so cute!! She is doing awesome - so wonderful. I love logging on and catching up! Hope you are well - thinking of you.

shelley said...

They grow to fast.


It is so hard the very first time...I understand. What a doll Siena is!!