Monday, August 20, 2007

The Official Cut

Last Saturday (8/18) marks the official day of Siena's 1st real Hair Cut. Yes, Momma has cut a few stray wisps here and there but this was the real deal. Mark & I took Siena into my beauty salon for her 1st big girl cut. She didn't know what to think at 1st but she sat so nicely in my lap and let my hair dresser, Leslie cut a few locks to shape it up. Since Siena has never had a lollipop before she didn't know what to do with the one the girls gave her. She was just in shock, thinking what is this lady doing to my hair? Daddy was able to thankfully take a few snap shots to catch the occasion. Unfortunately some are a little blurry. At the end of the visit Siena was given a certificate for her brave act along with all the ooooohhhhs & aaaaahhs in the salon.
Our little baby is not a baby any more. She's a little Princess. So look out Daddy, the pampering excursions have just began. Next thing ya know she'll need her nails done, a massage, pedicure & the list goes on......
Oh well, this is how Princesses are treated, Right?

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