Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 6 Month Anniversary Siena!

Gotcha Day-March 13, 2007

September 2007
You've Come A Long Way Baby!

Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been 6 months today since Siena was placed in our arms. Sure seems a lot longer. She has come a long way & has settled in so well. We are so proud of her. She is the icing on our cake and just as sweet. There are times that I look at her & literally just want to eat her up. I tear up a lot when I look at her chunky little cheeks and think how lucky we are. She’s developed such a personality all her own. Strong will, independent, very curious, loves to laugh and play hard, loves attention, and loves people. Not a shy bone in her body. She still continues to charm people everywhere.
We love her to pieces!

So what has Siena been doing lately you may ask?
Well, we've been very busy shopping with Momma. Oh no...just kidding. But I guess she does go out lot. Anyway, we are now trying our hand at pretend play. Siena loves music. So the other day when we were playing in her room, I had her CD player going with some kid's music. Like nursery rhymes & such. She wanted to be held up to see where the music was coming from, as always (curious minds), and wanted to play with the tiny china tea set that was on the next shelf. So I brought it down to her little table to play with. I showed her how to feed Ms. Minnie Mouse and Ms. Rabbit. She got a big laugh out of serving up tea and soup to her guests. She played really well & careful with the tea set but I was afraid it could eventually break and she would get hurt, so we later put it all back on the shelf. I had remembered that I had a plastic one in the closet that I bought for her about a decade ago while we were waiting for her to come home. So we brought it down stairs & again we served up tea & goodies to our guests until bath time.

On Sunday Sept. 2 we all went to Richmond to the Children's Museum. Siena had a great time running around playing with all the other kids and tying out new toys & experiments. Unfortunately, the Barney type character that lives at the museum was on vacation. The statue of him in the lobby was very exciting to Siena. So we'll be sure to make a trip back to meet him soon.

I want to be sure to send out a belated "Happy Grandparent's Day" to Siena's Grandma, Marilyn Schaller.
Grandparent's Day was last Sunday, Sept. 9th. Siena did remember to send her a card & some pictures.


Ladybug's Mom said...

I had forgotten how little she was when you got her!

Enjoy your 6 months! We also have a six month anniversary coming up at the end of this month ~ 6 months since LID for our little Ladybug! Let's hope the time continues to go fast!


What an absolute doll!! Happy 6th month anniversary!! She has come a long way!!!

Heather said...

Happy 6 mos - I feel like it was yesterday! We are about to celebrate our 6 mo - yippee. Siena looks just amazing. She is beautiful and oh so happy - sending you all our best wishes.