Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary Big Girl!

Gotcha Day March 13th 2007
Hard to believed it's been 1 year today!
One year since our precious package was placed in our arms. She's adjusted so well. It's been a wonderful journey to watch her grow out of babyhood into toddler hood. We can't wait to see the next steps in her life but only wish it could slow down. The year has passed so quickly.
Siena is so happy. She continues to love music & dancing. She loves Elmo & The Wiggles. She's quit a little whiz at wooden puzzles. She has to kiss every stuffed animal she sees. She loves to help Mommy & Daddy around the house. She insists on us letting her take her bagged dirty diaper to the trashcan. She's actually pretty good at putting her toys away. She eats really well. Noodles, fruit & cheese are her favorite foods. And I know I've said it before but she is SO SMART! She understands everything.
She is now starting to pronounce words. She's been a little slow in this areas but is trying very hard. I have called on a Speech Pathologist to help us out. I hope this speeds things up so that she won't get too far behind. Yet I know, I've heard many people say that, sometimes children just wake up one day and it all comes pouring out. In the meantime we have been using the "Baby Babble" Videos which she dearly loves. I highly recommend them if anyone needs help with their child's speech. Also with these we have started signing a few words.
So what else has the big girl been up to?
Well, she went to her 1st Birthday Party last Saturday. It was a Princess Party for our little friend Gracie. Gracie was honored with the presence of Cinderella herself. So a wonderful party was had by all the little Princesses.
Siena has also started working out at the Little Gym. Although not a big people's type workout it's still called a Gym. It's a wonderful interactive place full of bars and mats for tumbling and play. Children have group time with the instructor and free time on the mats. So far, after 2 visits, she's getting into the hang of it pretty well and doesn't want to leave.
So another year to look forward to with our Angel Pie. She is truly the joy in our lives! I can't leave today without thanking her birth mother, which I do so offend. So again, "Thank you", where ever you are. I know you will never know the love that you have given us from your heart, your soul and your body. You've Blessed us with an Angel!

March 2008


Carrie said...

Congratulations! It feels amazing doesn't it? I cannot believe it has been a year already!!

We gotta love our Jiangxi Girls!!

thegreybullet said...

WOW! Time sure does pass by quickly! What a wonderful post. You can see how much you love Sienna and she loves you inn every photo!

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