Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Fever!

My Favorite Flower of All Time! The Ever Blooming Siena!

Well, it's starting to look like Spring will finally stick around. So that means I have Spring fever! Love getting my hands dirty with gardening. I love to grow my own flowers. This year Siena & I will plant some tomatoes. And today I just noticed that someone else has Spring Fever around here. A little birdie. She has decided to put her nest on the back of my front door wreath. I can't bare to take it down. I wouldn't think of even removing it, but what if she flies in the house when we open the door? If anyone knows what to do in this situation please let me know.
I've promised myself & Mark that I would be good this year and not buy too much at Garage Sales & clean out our own garage. I have a ton of stuff to sell at the Flea Market. Weather permitting I plan to go this Sunday to sell some stuff.

As far as the Speech Therapy for Siena, we are set for our 1st session here at home on Monday. I'll keep you posted on the progress. But like always she continues to grow and learn. She's like a little sponge. She wants to know what everything is. Her expressions & jesters are so cute and genuine.
She loves going to the Little Gym. She's really made progress there. Last week she ventured on her own & went on the balance beam. At home she is a great helper. When the Therapists came for her evaluation a few weeks ago they were really amazed at how well she put her toys & their toys away.

Siena's 2nd Birthday is coming up in June so we are trying to decide on what exactly we are going to do this year. I'm leaning toward an Elmo Party. But the Little Gym offers parties also.
It's not until June 23 but that will be here before you know it. And before "I" know it, she'll be grown. My little baby isn't a baby anymore. What's a Mother to do?!
As far as Elmo, well we're going to see him. That's right we have made plans to go to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania for Mother's Day weekend. Last year we went to Hershey. I want to try to keep it an annual event to go somewhere fun on Mother's Day.
We'll be having an "Elmo & Friends Breakfast" on Mother's Day followed by lots of fun with rides & shows throughout the park.

Until next time, Happy Spring!

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