Friday, May 16, 2008

For the Love of Elmo

Well, we finally made it to Sesame Place last weekend. We left on Friday despite the crazy Friday traffic which turned a normal 4 hr. trip into an 8 hr. trip. It seemed as though our route included every major city on the Eastern seaboard. But regardless it was sure worth it to see Siena get so excited over Elmo & the gang.
We did a 2 day event for Sesame Place. The 1st day was Sat. which was a little cool & cloudy but luckily no rain. The 2nd day was Sun. on Mother's Day which was a littler warmer & sunny. Siena loved it all. We let her walk around most of the time since it was it wasn't too crowded and we could watch her more easily. She thought she was a little Miss Thing prancing around like she owned the place. And to much of our surprise she ran right up to all of the characters & hugged them and even posed for pictures with them.
On Mother's Day we had reservations for the Elmo & Friends Character Breakfast. It was very nice. There, you could have more time with most of the characters. She was never too shy or afraid of any of them.
She loved all of the rides she went on too. Mark & I aren't very much into amusement park rides, so thank goodness they were short rides. I know, I're gonna say.. that they were kiddie rides, but they really were a little more than the typical carnival kiddie rides. Mommy got a little queasy with the ups & downs of the flying Elmo fish. But I hung in there for Siena. She was only a little hesitant with the 1st ride which was the carousel, but then she was a pro at all the other rides. She's always a little hesitant on rides at 1st, then she tries it & wants more.
Along with all the rides we also got to see the Elmo show on Sat. It was a live Elmo show with props just like on TV. Siena couldn't keep still & loved it all. Jack Hannah, the famous animal expert was there for the weekend so we managed to see most of his show. I say most, only because Siena was fumigating the crowd with her poopy diaper so we had to cut it short.
It was a fun trip. But next time I think we will have to go later in the summer when we know it will stay warm so we can play in the water park that was there.

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thegreybullet said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!! I am glad she wasn't afraid of the characters. We went the week before and it was cold as well. I love all the pictures!