Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Festivals!

This Fall has been a busy time around here. 1st we went to a little community center party here in town just for the little tots on Saturday morning. All the kids had to go in costume. Siena was more than happy to finally get to wear her Minnie Mouse outfit. She sat quite still as I painted on her black nose then off to the party we went. It was a fun time but my only disappointment was during the screaming contest, Siena hardly put out a squeal. I couldn't believe my ears. Because Momma knows better. With all her temper tantrums of ear piercing screams? What happened? Stage fright, I suppose. Needless to say, she didn't win the contest but she did win quite a few "She is so cute & precious" comments.

Then it was time on Saturday evening to attend the annual FCC Pumpkin Patch event. Yes, we went last year but I don't think Siena remembered it. She really got a kick out of feeding the goats. She wasn't scared of them at all. She loves animals. The hay ride was fun too. A little cold but we all endured it. We rode on the blue wagon. Of course it had to be the blue one. Princess Minnie's favorite color. Our good friends Maribel & Elmo accompanied us out to the fields. Siena had fun playing with all the other little girls as well. Especially if she was pulled around in her wagon.

No the fun doesn't stop there. On Monday we went to another Pumpkin Patch, Snead's Farm. But this time it was a field trip with her teachers & class mates. Our good friend Maribel went with us too. It was a beautiful day on a beautiful farm. Enjoy the pictures because Ms. Cranky Pants was getting tired by the end of the trip and didn't want to smile for any pictures.


thegreybullet said...

Love all the pictures!! Sienna is getting so big!! Looks like you have really been enjoying the Fall Season!
Love, Ellen


What an adorable Minnie Mouse!!! She is just too cute!! Emily Grace is Minnie Mouse this year too!! What can I say...great minds think alike!!! Really, I have to give the credit Emily Grace..she loves The Mickey Mouse Playhouse!! I have pics on our blog from a Costume Party.
Have a great week and Happy Halloween!!