Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Fall! It's getting Told!

Well, it's officially Fall, or Autumn as you may call it, around here. I love this time of the year. Nice fresh cool air. AAhhhh! But to Siena, it's "told" (cold). Yes, the words are flowing out now. School has been wonderful & she loves it.
Anyway...I finally managed to get out the ol' box of fall decorations & put them around the house. Siena had to help of course. I didn't know where to put 2 tiny little ceramic pumpkins so she was more than happy when I said, "why don't we put them in your bedroom?" Jumping up & down saying, "thess", which translates to "yes".When we were taking pictures in the yard the other day, she found an acorn that had to come into the house so that's where we keep that too. Right beside her pumpkins on her bookcase. I don't know how I did this, but yes, in the middle of this crazy sinus, head cold thing I have, we put together 3 scarecrows stuffed with straw. One for each of us & sat them in the 3 wicker chairs on the front porch. The pumpkin will have to wait to get a face on it, closer to Halloween when we can all carve it.

I guess you're all wondering what the Princess wants to be for Halloween this year, right? Well.....She's going to be her favorite mouse....Minnie!
I have the whole costume ready, hanging on a closet door which she kisses, hugs & says "aaahhh" to every night. It's going to be a little busier this year. We have several events to attend so stay tuned for some fun filled days coming soon.

I have to add an emotional incident that occurred today....Siena was trying to still get me to play with her when we had just finished playing together & told her that I was going to watch a show for a few minutes. She didn't like me telling her "no" so she got mad and started throwing her toy dishes down. I told her she was going to time out and sat her on the floor a few feet away. She cried for a few minutes & I then told her to come over and say that she was sorry & give me a kiss, which she did. I explained to her that we had just played, we would play again later and that I was going to watch a show & she needed to go play by herself for a while. So what does she say? Out of the mouth of a babe...."I...Love.....You". My heart dropped & tears came to my eyes. She never says this unless we try coaching her to say it. It was the sweetest thing ever. I hugged & kissed her and told her, that was so sweet to say. Then she repeated saying, "I...Love...Momma". The show was forgotten of course & we cuddled & played until bedtime.
Her face & smile are forever in my heart but now her words are making it melt.

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The spontaneous "I love you Momma" moments are the most precious in the world!!