Sunday, October 05, 2008

Photo Shoot Day

A few pictures taken once home.
Time to Chill out!
Having a Hot Chocolate after the Photo Shoot.

Well, I know it's a little past due to show you the hair style, outfit and bow that we chose but here it is. There's been a lot of chaos around here since Friday night with me developing a head & sinus cold & then everything else going on with taking care of a Princess. If you don't have a Princess your self, let me tell you, they are high high maintenance but well worth the love they bring!

Any way....we went with the winner of the hair style of the bow on top. I actually had another outfit picked out but it didn't seem appropriate so we chose the leopard outfit and I had already made a bow to match.
Siena didn't want to sit & smile very much for the photos at the Mall once it was time, I guess since we waited in line too long, but the photographer said that they got some good shots. The winners will be announced in the Jan. '09 issue of the Fredericksburg Parents Magazine.

Thanks to everyone that voted.

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