Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas '08

Well here I am again... playing catch up.
These are the rest of the Christmas pictures. Most are Christmas morning, with a few of them a few days later.
Siena was feeling a little better by then, but I still think she was a little hesitant as to what was going on with some strange man coming & leaving presents at her house. She's so smart, that I wonder if she will even believe the Santa story for very long. I just can't get over how much she has grown and really started talking these past few months. She's a little chatter box now. Since she's so into books & games, that's mostly what Santa got her this year. She's never really taken up the doll thing other than Minnie Mouse. She treats Minnie more as a friend than something she nurtures like most little girls do. She's so darn smart though. She knows how to play card games & board games. And she knows her ABC's & can spell her name. Ok Ok....I have to brag, she's my one & only!
She loves to help. She wants to help with most anything. So we made cookies for Santa which she loved except for getting a little messy. She's a little bit of a neat freak when it comes to things getting on her hands. I remember her teacher telling me how she wanted to eat the icing off of a cupcake at school one day but wouldn't unless the teacher put the icing on her own finger so Siena could lick it off. So I asked her if she did it & sure enough the teacher did it for her. Mind you, Siena is the only girl in class...(can you say Princess?)

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