Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well I'm sitting here with some spare time on my hands. A rare thing for me, so I thought I'd give a little update of some happenings.

First off, it looks like it's going to snow any minute now. I woke up this morning to 2 degrees outside. Burrrrrrrrr. Good thing we have a nice warm house. Bad thing is our electric bill just came and it's just over $400.00. Next month's will probably be even more. pay the bills & life goes on, right?

My bow business, Angel Pie Bows & More, is going really well now. I've got a small stand set up to sell bows at the Little Gym where Siena goes & I just set up a new one at one of the Gyms in Richmond. The owners of LG are the greatest people. I can't say enough about them and all the girls that work there. On the subject of LG, it's Show Week next week. That's were the kids do special events & get Medals for their accomplishments. I think we will be going to a class on Monday so Daddy can join in on the fun this time. He will be off for Martin Luther King Day. The next day of course is the Presidential Inauguration. I know we live close to DC and it will be a great day in history but we would be quite crazy to do that trip. Besides being bitter cold, we don't want to fight that crowd. We'll stay home & watch it on TV in our nice warm house, thank you very much! By the way... Good bye Mr. Bush. So sad to see you leave. NOT!!!!
In just a few weeks we will be celebrating our 2nd Chinese New Year with Siena. Our local FCC always puts on a fun party full of good Chinese food, crafts for the kids & a slide show of all the children that have come home from China. I have already sent in several good pictures of Siena for it, of course.
This year is the Year of the Ox. They have asked ahead of time for the children to make an Ox is any shape or form & bring it in for the party. All participants will get a prize. So I guess Siena will be making a little Ox of her own for show & tell. Just not sure what medium she will be using for her art.
As always, Siena's doing really well in school. She's right in her environment. Learning. She is a sponge, I must say. She certainly has her ABC's down, so now we're working more on our numbers. I'll be going at the end of this month to get her enrolled in Preschool for next year. I know, Preschool already. And boy do they start registration early too. I have a particular school in mind & if she gets in, I'll keep you posted.
In the meantime, enjoy the shots I took the other day & check out some bows here:

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