Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well I suppose today was the Grand Finale of Valentines! Siena got tons more surprises from Momma & Daddy.

I had a nice little gift collection for Siena from us, but since Daddy was out of town last week he also had his own collection that I didn't even know about. Needless to say, Siena totally racked up on Valentine gifts this year.
Daddy's gift to Siena was a Gift Card to Build a Bear. Something that I would have never even went into starting. We can just say that Daddy opened up a can of worms or actually a barrel of monkeys in this case. That place is so crazy and they know how to hook you in. There is everything from purses to total Hannah Montana outfits to adorn your stuffed creation. We used up the gift card and then some, with adopting a pink Monkey with monkey sounds, a ballerina outfit & a fairy outfit. But I Daddy said, it's his one & only daughter and his money to blow on her! She did have a wonderful time stuffing and dressing her Monkey. The place was a little crazy so we will have to go back next week to print out our adoption certificate and give her a name. We couldn't come up with a name right then so once we got in the car to go home, we came up with Mandy Monkey in honor of Baba's (Grandma) dog, Mandy Dog. I just hope Minnie Mouse doesn't get too jealous.
We Wish our Most Precious Valentine our Love this Valentines Day & Always!

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So Sweet!! She is just adorable!!