Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clay, Poop & Valentines...What???

What a busy week! Monday was Kids N Clay Day with Siena's class from school but we also invited our little friend Sarah & her Mom. The whole class made a clay heart with their hand prints & got to paint them. Siena's tiny little hands were so hard to push into the clay so we hope they will come out good. We had to do it a few times. Mommy didn't want to push too hard I guess. Siena painted hers green & blue. The blue looked like gray going on but we were told it will come out blue after firing. We should get the ceramic pieces back in a few weeks after they are fired in the kiln.

After all that fun you'd think we would have been tired & went home, but no, we went for lunch at Chic-Fil-A (Siena's choice) with Sarah & her Mom.

After eating, the girls played in the play area & had a wonderful time since they had the whole place to themselves. In the pictures you can also see the cute leggings that Sarah gave Siena for Valentines Day along with a pair of Valentine socks. Thanks again for some really cute things Sarah!

Oh yeah... more news continues....just last night Siena finally did It! She went Poo Poo in her potty! It's been a long time coming but it finally happened. (Except for the one time that doesn't count when she went by accident while pee peeing with Daddy & then never again...until now.)

I causally asked her if she wanted to pee while we were getting ready for bed and she said "yes & poo poo too". Surprise!!! She tried a little then wanted to get up, so I told her to relax and we could read a book. She loved the idea so we read 3 books. I then then asked if she wanted me to leave out of the room for awhile. I left out, left the door open a little and low and behold, out came the poop! She was so proud and happy. I had always told her that she would get a big present when she did it so I kept my promise with a nice gift. Of course along with a few extra M&M's. Fingers crossed that the poo pooing in the potty will continue.

Today at school the fun continued. Siena's class had a small Valentine Party. The Mom's were invited back to school at noon for lunch & to help give out Valentines. Siena took chocolate roses for her teachers and handed out Valentines to her class mates. I had made chocolate covered strawberries for everyone to enjoy. The other Moms had wonderful treats for all to eat too. Once we got home Siena pulled out a big Valentine from her backpack, that she had made for me at school. It's the best Valentine I have ever gotten! Handmade from the heart, I know & that's the best kind!

But wait there's more! Today the UPS man delivered another special box of goodies from Aunt Betty. Aunt Betty is always sending Siena special holiday goody boxes so this Valentine's week was no exception. In it were treats for all of us. A box of cookies for everyone, a tee shirt for Siena along with a card with money, skittles & a card and candy for Momma & Daddy. Wow! I guess there are lots of people that think Siena is one special Valentine. Momma & Daddy sure do know it!
Sooo much fun this week but the week isn't even over yet!

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Ladybug's Mom said...

What a sweetheart you have on your hands! So much going on ~ how can you stand it all!

Thanks for sharing!