Friday, May 29, 2009

Internet Ramblings

OK...Now that I'm a SAHM (stay at home Mom) I'm really addicted to finding neat things on the Internet like fun recipes & coupons. Whether or not I'll actually cook up all of those recipes is another story. LOL! But anyway I thought I'd share a few things with you. I signed up with our local family farm's website, the one that we went Strawberry pickin' at the 1st time, and received a nice recipe from them. They actually got it from I'm really going to make these though. They look so yummy. But I'll have to buy some more berries since all the ones that we picked have all been consumed of course. ya go for some great grocery coupons. This is a great site that really does work for coupons. You'll have to sign up but you don't have to give too much information & then you can check off the ones you want & print them right up. Once you print the ones you want, you cannot go back & print more of the same ones. I also think, that they probably change them from time to time. The great thing is, a lot of them are like 1.00 off of only one item. You know how some coupons make you buy 2 to get the discount.
For retail stores, here's another site I found. There are US & British Icons at the top of the page so apparently both countries can access & use them.

They only one I wanted so far was the 20% coupon for The Children's Place. I buy a lot of Siena's clothes from there. You just can't beat their sales.

Hope these little tid-bits can save you some money during these hard times. I'd also love to hear from you guys. I can see who's been checking us out. I'd love to hear from Leesburg, VA & Grand Island, FL. I see you guys checking in a lot. Or at least put yourselves on my "Followers List"

Cat'cha later...I'm off surfing again!

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