Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm No Martha Stewart

OK...I made the cookies. But…..they were good but maybe I put too many strawberries in. They were more along the line of pancake style. Not so firm like cookies should be. They were all right after baking but the next day they were way too soft. Of course the recipe did say that you could only store them up to one day. I only had a mix of red & white sand sugar so that's why they're so red. I certainly don't claim to be Martha Stewart anyway! LOL!

I think she learned to dunk cookies into the milk from Daddy.

On another note Siena & I went for a walk around the neighborhood today. I walked & pushed her in the stroller so I could walk faster. It was a beautiful spring day here today. Walking for exercise is something that I'm hoping to do more often. Hope more days are like today.

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