Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Strawberry Pickin' We Went!

Well, it's that time a year around here. We have a big farm just up the road that we went to with Siena's class on Monday. We invited our friends Sarah & her Mom too. Sarah was thoughtful enough to bring us all new garden gloves to wear to pick strawberries. She had seen the children's show Caillou the other day that had everyone wearing gloves to pick strawberries. So her mom said that Sarah insisted that we must all do the same too. How cute.
It turned out to be a very cool day for May but at least the sun was out, so out in the field was perfect for picking strawberries. Siena picked them alright, but more went into her mouth (and of course on her face) than into the basket as you can see. Daddy wasn't able to make this trip with us but we are planning to go again this weekend with our FCC group to another farm.
Siena & Sarah had a fun time just stumbling over me most of the time to get to more berries or just messing around. Sarah ate a few but I know Siena out did her on that. After the hay ride back from the field there was a big bounce mattress that the kids had a blast on for a while before heading out. Siena's such a die hard hopper & bouncer so she loved the extra treat.

Not sure how many I actually picked but you can see what was left in the basket after Siena & I had our fair share that evening. They were really sweet so it was hard to stop eating them. One of the mothers from the class had said that she was going to check out recipes on the web for freezer jam so I thought I would try it too. Today I did just that while Siena was napping. I ended up making about 8 good cup fulls. It's still sitting out until tomorrow to set up. I hope it turns out. It was so easy to do and so far it tasted pretty darn good.

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