Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Annual Mother's Day Trip

Well like I said, this Mother's Day was just a short little trip not too far up the road. We decided to take in the Baltimore Aquarium this year. We had had our fill of theme parks for a while ya know. But I at least wanted to go somewhere that would be a little educational for Siena. In fact that's why I love to travel so much. I want Siena to be exposed to lots of new places. I believe that traveling can be so educational for anyone really. We left on Saturday morning & was able to make it to the Aquarium that day also. We had gotten tickets online which was a good thing. It was very crowded. Their Aquarium sits in the Inner Harbor area downtown. There's lots of restaurants and shops in the whole area. So we had a burger for lunch and headed over to the aquarium.
Without a nap for the day, Siena was in a "leave me alone" mood so that meant that she was not going to be still for any length of time for pictures. While waiting to get into the Aquarium I did manage to get her to look & listen about the wild birds that were at a little venue outside. It was set up to display a local wild bird rescue team. The lady was explaining about their mission to help wounded wild birds. Once in the Aquarium, she ran from tank to tank. I think she only wanted to see the blue fish. Any of them that were blue, I guess. I asked her when we came out, which fish she liked best & her answer was "the blue fish". You have to remember that blue is Siena's favorite color in the whole wide world.
So as far as it being an educational trip this time, I know that she looked at the "blue fish" & she does remember what the word "rescue" means.
On Sunday morning, we headed back south & stopped in DC's China Town. I had never been there but it didn't seem very big like most cities' China Towns are. It was very early so the streets were empty. We strolled into a few shops & around a few blocks & headed out again. We were going shopping but then decided to find a restaurant in Northern Va. that we had been to a few years ago but couldn't remember the name. To make a long story short, we found it's sister restaurant & went there to eat and then finally headed home.
It was a nice Mother's Day weekend for me. I hope you had a nice one too!

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Love the pics!! Looks like a great time was had by all!!
Siena is such a beautiful little girl!! Where are our lil' babies ?
Happy Belated Mother's Day :o)