Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Big Week in Review

So much going on last week. Father's Day, Siena's Birthday, Baba Coming and the Party Day! We had very little time to rest & boy do I feel it.

Baba was here for the week so she was able to celebrate Father's Day & Siena's birthday with us this year. For Father's Day, Daddy wanted Chinese so we set out for our favorite Asian resturant just up the street. Before we left Siena presented Daddy with a new coffee cup for Father's Day.

Monkey Cup for Daddy!

A Master Piece for Baba!

Siena's Birthday Tea Party was held on Friday & went off without a hitch. It was soooo pretty. The table was set so sweetly at the Tea House. The whole resturant was just sweet. Almost everything was done in pink. The food was fabulous. Siena had guests, Matthew & Logan from school with their Moms, Ms. Pam her teacher, our good friend Mr. Elmo (Ms. Maribel was out of town), friend Sarah & her Mom, Me, Daddy & Baba. Siena & all her little friends were on their best behavior acting like little ladies & gentlemen. Almost everyone had tea so we ordered several pots of various flavors. It was all yummy. The kids were served pink lemonade. I had a Little Miss & Mr. Tea tray brought to the table for the kids also. Three tiers-scones, tea sandwiches & tea cakes & sweets on top.

Siena's little friend Logan was so cute. When the tray arrived at the table he couldn't keep his eyes off that top tier. All of the adults just ordered off the menu. Everything was soooo good. After lunch, the cake was brought out. Siena started playing a little shy at that point. I had to help blow out the 3 candles. Yes, it was a blue cake since that's her favorite color. After getting stuffed on all that it was "present opening time". It seemed as though they just kept coming. Siena loaded up again this year with lots of really nice gifts.

Okay...here's what I did for all the prep for her Tea party. I arranged it to be held at the Pinkadilly Tea House http://www.pinkadillytea.com/ here in town. I purchased the invitations & thank you cards off Ebay. The cake was a yummy cake from a local grocery store. I wanted a teapot shaped cake but after calling around to find that the cheapest one was going to be 50.00 I had to ditch that idea. Moving on......From the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on line http://tv.disney.go.com/playhouse/mickeymouseclubhouse/games/games.html I found "print your own" party supplies in the Celebration Center. I used place cards from the Minnie & Daisy Tea Party & Siena's name banner from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse BD. They had lots more cute ideas but I just couldn't fit them all into the plans.
For party favors I made little treat bags for the boys with various items, mostly from the Dollar Tree. For the girls I made up little tea cups that I purchased off Ebay filled with items from the Dollar Tree & made little Minnie Mouse hair clippies. Since we didn't play games I also found, from the Dollar Tree, the little plastic purses filled with "make your own" candy necklaces for the girls and mini basket gumball games for the boys. This kept the kids a little busy while we were waiting on the food. I only bought 6 regular balloons at the local party store for about 6.00. The 2 Minnie & Mickey mylar balloons were purchased off Ebay for about a third of the cost it would have been at the party store. The grocery store filled them up for free since I bought the cake from them.

So that's my run down of how to do a nice little Birthday Tea Party.

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