Thursday, July 02, 2009

Our Litte Mermaid

Well we finally got a few pictures at swim class today, thanks to Daddy. I always seem to forget the camera. Siena's class is located inside a Gold's gym with an indoor pool. We sit on the other side from where Siena's group is having lessons in the pool. There are several classes going on at the same time. You can hardly hear what anyone is saying because of the echoing in the room & everyone talking, so I'm not exactly sure what they are learning each time. Today we noticed a mother from another class that kept going over to the pool & talking to her son while class was going on. I thought that was totally wrong. I know that they need to listen to the teacher so I'd never run over & disrupt the class every 2 minutes like she did. The nerve of some people! Anyway....had to vent on that one.....Siena does much better at things when I'm not right there anyway. I just hope she can get a lot under her belt in just 8 more classes.

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