Friday, June 05, 2009

Coupons Sites & Then Some!

I've compiled a list of my favorite printable coupon sites. I find these really good so I though I'd share them. I listed a few in a previous post but here is my complete list now. You have to sign up with some but I feel it's worth it. And yes, you will get junk emails because of it but you're gonna get junk emails anyway. So go ahead & save the sites in your "Favorites" or where ever because they will change once the listed ones expire. The last link is actually a site to get some freebies. A tip also is this. If you're planning to go out to lunch or dinner, Google that restaurant 1st. Many restaurants offer freebies or coupons just for registering on their site. For instance I just printed a coupon for a free 3-scoop Sundae at Friendly's by joining their Birthday Club & this Sat. June 6th just happens to be "Get a Free Ice Cream Day". Ice favorite food!
  8. (This is a "Kids Eat Free" List of Restaurants)

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