Sunday, June 07, 2009


This Saturday was a nice day to take in a festival & that's just what we did. We went up the road to Ashland, a small town just before Richmond for their Strawberry Festival. It was packed full of crafters, food booths & more. I couldn't wait to eat more strawberries. It seems like every time I see them, they get bigger & bigger. I think their strawberries have topped the past 2 strawberry pickin's we've done. At least this time I didn't have to pick them. I bought one big pint & ate the whole thing myself. good. Don't worry I did offer some to Siena & Daddy but they didn't want any. Siena was too busy eating a cookie at the time. After cruising around the streets, Mark wanted a Strawberry shortcake which in turn, turned out to be most of Siena's. While they were eating I had to run to the restroom. When I came back, Mark says "Siena's going to be in the Richmond Times". "I said what?" "The Times Photographer was here and came up and said that she just had to take Siena's picture. She said that she was the cutest thing she had ever seen." I know I'm only her Mother, but is this child photogenic or what?

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mumma to many said...

Very cute photos Carol! Oh for a plate of strawberries however Winter here! :)
I am envious!
Hugs Ruth in NZ