Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm On A Roll

I know I'm on a roll with getting my posts done pretty quickly but I don't think it will last. At least not for awhile. There is a lot coming up this week. Siena's Baba (Grandma) is coming in tonight & we will be celebrating Siena's 3rd Birthday on Friday. Her actual Birthday is Tues. June 23 but we made plans for her Birthday Tea Party to be held on Friday. It will be a small party held at the Pinkadilly Tea Room here in town. Here's the link to check it out.'m also having to incorporate Mickey & Minnie Mouse with it. I plan on showing you all the crafty things I've come up with for it all at a later date so stay tuned for that.

I'll also mention now that Siena had her 1st swim lesson last Thurs. but I forgot the camera so I'll have to take lots of pictures when we go back this week with Baba & Daddy. She did really well & didn't scream for me at all, thank goodness. She's really never been a big fan of water. As some of you may recall, that when she came home from China she was terrified of the bathtub. I think she only had sponge baths or baths in very small tubs during her 1st 9 months. She's warmed up a lot since then.

A Master Piece!

This is a picture that Siena drew of her Baba. She plans to give it to her. Pretty good for an almost 3 year old, huh? I didn't even help her with it at all.

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