Friday, June 19, 2009

Dance Fever!

I'm ready to go dance now!

Last Monday was Siena's 1st Dance class at The Little Gym. I was a little worried if it would even work out. But luckily it was a real winner with Siena. We had been talking about it for some time. Telling her how much she would like it and sure enough she did. I've been watching her at The Little Gym now for a year. Doing all the gymnastics & seeing her try more & more on her own but this class got to me when I watched her do all the little dance moves and her listening to her teacher with such concentration. It was such a "Big Girl" class that it made me realize that, yeah, she's not a baby any more. I was so proud of her for staying in the class & listening to her teacher so well. I could see it in her face. She got so into it & loved it.
As you can see, she was the smallest girl in the class. We always think she's getting so big. But when we see her with other children her own age, she's always the tiniest. The little skirt that I put over her dance outfit is even a size 9M. Now days she usually wears anything from 18M to 2T. But her waist is so tiny, she could still wear the little stretch skirt. We had to sub the tap shoes for a pair of dress shoes that were a gift from her friend Sarah & her Mom. But just this week I was able to snag a brand new pair of real tap shoes off Ebay for only 2.80 with free shipping. Yeah, I did! I'm a deal finder!
I wish now I had taken our nicer camera to capture it all better. You can certainly see blur from her moves & darn it, I forgot the video camera too.
But next week, we will be better prepared. Also Baba (Grandma) is coming for a visit next week for her Birthday & we all will be going to The Little Gym.

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mumma to many said...

very cute Siena looks so cute trying to keep up!
Hugs Ruth in NZ