Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Jitters!

Siena's 1st day of Preschool was a success! No tears for either of us actually. I am just never sure of her sometimes but she was in a good mood that morning which made all the difference. I guess after going to school for a year already for her speech classes that she probably feels like an old pro by now. I think we both are happy that she has some little girls in her class this time too. Like I said before, it's been nothing but boys with her in all of her speech classes. In fact I know she's happy about that since she told me, "Momma, I don't like boys. They put toys in their mouth." I just hope she doesn't like boys for a long time to come!
With the class schedule the way it is, I think she's really going to get a lot out of Preschool. Her teacher said that her class mascot is curious George & monkeys. (So Siena, curious that is.) They travel down the hall to a music class on Tuesdays & to the playground or a gym area on Thursdays.
You may notice in the pictures that Siena is holding a Kai Lan lunch box. Oh yes, her new favorite character, but anyway they have to take a little snack to school. So far it's been nothing but yogurt. Now days she's on a yogurt kick.
Well, I thought that the name "Siena" was really different & the way we spell it certainly was, (only 1 "n") but it turns out that there's another Siena in her class & yes, she even spells it the same way. And to top that all off, her father's name is Mark. Too weird.
As far as the speech class at the other school, that's coming along well also. She goes in for only 1 hour while I sit in the school lobby & wait. She's always coming out pretty happy.
She's getting a few little homework projects from both schools so we sit down everyday to do those along with other some books. Sometimes it's a little tough to get through a book with her because she wants to spell so many of the words in the book. I don't know what we're going to do when she can really read. Right now she wants several books in her bed at night. I watch her on the monitor looking at the books in the dark & making up stories. It's really amazing because Mark & I both know that we were never that smart at three. Things are so different for children these days with all the resources that are out there for them. But I guess you just have to show them to your child & work with them or they will never get it in the 1st place.

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