Friday, October 02, 2009

Leaf it to Siena

I think we are definitely well on our way into Fall now. Since we have been living here we have had the pleasure of all these beautiful flowers coming up right behind our house at the very end of summer & early fall every year. I was able to capture them along with our beautiful little flower herself. Siena's been learning about the seasons at school but I have been well ahead of school by telling her about the seasons already. Since fall is all about leaves falling off of trees we decided to go on a back yard safari a few days ago & collect leaves. Of course we had to bring them into the house so what better way to display them, than to glue them on some blue paper. (pssssst.....Siena's favorite color is blue.)

The other day on one of my many shopping excursions I found the best little teaching tool for Siena. At Big Lots, one of my favorite stores, I found a child's calendar with stickers. I had been searching for one on Ebay but this turns out to be the best so far with all that I needed it to have. And besides that, it was only a dollar!

Preschool continues to be one of our best investments. Even though Siena can only go 2 days to this Preschool, I think she would love more if she could. She tells me everyday now, that she "really likes this school." Everyday is full of activities. Even a music class that is just down from her classroom. She came home the other day singing "5 Lil' Montees (Monkeys) jumpin' on the bed......." On orientation day there was a list of holiday parties on the classroom table that the parents were asked to sign up for. I signed up for the Valentine's Day Party. I can't wait for it myself!

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mumma to many said...

Too cute!
Love the slide show!
The bottom poking out is just way too cute for words!
Thanks for sharing!
Miss S looks fantastic!
Hugs Ruth in NZ