Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mother's Night With Mommy Brain

Last night was Mother's Night at Preschool. Siena had a hard time understanding this little event which took place at night instead of the morning. I told her it was a party that I would be staying with her for. She was so happy that I would be staying with her & kept asking me all day, "Momma, you goin' to stay whiff me?" She was also happy to go especially since it involved a special snack that the school was providing. Once there, we went into her class room which was the venue for the 1st craft & a beautiful paper corsage that the kids had made for the Moms to wear. I proudly put it on & then we did a paper craft & headed to 2 more rooms for crafts. One of the crafts was a paint your hand & press it on the paper, but Siena didn't want anything to do with that so we had to draw the outline of our hands for that one. No no no...can't have Siena getting her hands messy. No, it's not Momma on that's all her. She can't stand to have messy hands. We saved the treat room for last which contained all the fixings for a little ice cream sundae. There, Siena's eyes were quickly drawn to the bowl of mini marshmallows & nothing else. She only wanted marshmallows. We had gone to the grocery store earlier, saw them there & wanted them but I wouldn't let her have them since we were getting something else that was sweet. She ate them in no time when she finally decided she wanted ice cream too. Did she get that too? Well of was a party ya know. It was a nice little event that really moved pretty quickly. The only problem was, I took our big nicer camera but didn't realize that I had not even noticed what setting I had it on so all the pictures were not of good quality. I even took a few for another Mom but had to tweak them with Paint Shop before emailing them to her. I had a terrible case of Mommy Brain last night! Sooooooo...that's why the pictures didn't come out so great.

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mumma to many said...

Alice hates having messy hands too! And she would have loved the Marshmellows too!
Great photos!
Looks like a special time for the two of you!
HUgs to you all from NZ!