Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Performer!

Well today we were supposed to go to the Pumpkin Patch with a group of friends & picnic, but it turned out to be a washout for it. So instead we tried to find a few indoor events to keep us occupied. Borders was having a little Halloween party so to speak so we went there. They were supposed to have a story telling, games & crafts. Turned out to be more of a confusion than anything. There was one girl doing the whole event, the kids couldn't hear her story (too many kids in a cramped area) & one obnoxious mother. (No not me!) We lured Siena out of there by telling her that we would take her to the Mall to play at the playground for awhile. She was just as happy running around there and doing a performance. Yes, a performance. Mark was sitting in the playground with her while I had went shopping for a while. Wish we had the video but he did capture a few pictures of it all.

She climbs on the side of the big tree slide and performs. Singing her little heart out. He said that he didn't know what she was singing but she was bellowing it out for all to hear. The expressions on that sweet little face tells you that she was really getting into it.

Also this week was a mini field trip at Preschool. We walked a few blocks down the street to another church for a little pumpkin patch to pick out a mini pumpkin & to listen to a story on the church steps. Now Siena is a child that likes to hold hands with other kids, so while sitting on the steps she was trying her hardest to hold the hand of little Matthew who is in her class. But he didn't want anything to do with it. So she then just put her hand on his leg, which by then I think he just tried to ignore. I think the picture tells the story that she was happy anyway. Watching it all, his mother & I were dying laughing. On the way back we stopped in the church yard for the kids to eat their snacks & of course Siena had to lead the group in a little chasing around the yard.

Since today was a rainy day we're hoping for a nicer day tomorrow and maybe we can get to a pumpkin patch for some nicer pictures. I'd hate to miss the beautiful fall trees that are just now in their vivid colors.

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Carrie said...

She is adorable! Love that pumpkin outfit! Happy Fall!!