Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Sick Little Pumpkin

We finally made it to a Pumpkin Patch last Sunday despite the weather. It wasn't what we had planned but it was a nice day at least. We had Saturday planned with friends & a picnic at another Pumpkin Patch but the rain got the best of all of us for that event. So just the 3 of us went to a different Pumpkin Patch that was a littler closer to home. This was actually the same one that Siena's class went to last year on a field trip. That should be the same llama as last year too. I don't know, I must think there's something photogenic about him. LOL! Siena was happy swinging & walking through the sunflower field. It wasn't easy getting her pictures since she was more interested in swinging on every swing in sight.

For the past 2 days now she's been sick. We went to the Doctor today and at least it doesn't sound like any type of flu. Congestion, cough & runny nose still makes for a day out of school. She wasn't too happy to be missing her Halloween party at school either. At least she was able to celebrate her "special day" at school on Tuesday. Each child gets their special day in class. For this event it entailed me going to school to read one of her favorite books to her class & bringing in a treat. I wanted to make something different besides cookies so I found this recipe from to make marshmallow ghosts. They were easy enough & everyone loved them.
I think she will be okay by Halloween. We're just getting an over the counter medication in for now that should do the trick. But in the meantime we are still waiting for her Kai Lan costume to come in the mail from Amazon. I guess I ordered it too late. Ooops! Bad Momma! We do have a back up Kai-Lan costume if it doesn't make it. She can wear a silk Chinese outfit that I had bought in China & I'll just have to fix her hair like Kai-Lan's. If you're not familiar with Kai-Lan then a short explanation is this. She's the equivalent of Dora but Chinese. She goes on adventures like Dora & says a few words in Chinese just like Dora does in Spanish. The show is called Ni Hao Kai-Lan, which means Hello Kai-Lan. It comes on the Nick Jr. channel. Stay tuned for Halloween pictures & Happy Trick or Treating!

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