Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Twis the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the house everyone was sleeping except me & the computer mouse. The turkey was thawed and ready to cook, a new recipe that Daddy found in a book. Siena was nestled all snug in her bed while Minnie Mouse slept on her head. And Daddy off to his slumber & I up for the night, to post on the blog for you to see what I write.
Wow! I'm a poet & didn't even know it. LOL! Sorry folks that will have to be it for now.
On to some happenings from this week.

Tuesday at Preschool was the last day for this week so Siena's class & the other 3 year old's classes held a Thanksgiving feast. It was basically a small lunch party for the children with the kid's favorite dishes. I made Pigs in a Blanket. Siena loves sausage so I thought the other kids would probably enjoy them just as well. When I asked Siena if she wanted me to make them, I think she liked the name better than anything. But the tasting right after cooking them up proved to be just as good. I guess everyone liked them too since we didn't have any left overs.
All the kids were so cute in their little Native American & Pilgrim outfits that they created in class. Siena's class were the Native Americans. It was hard to get many pictures at the school since Siena was too occupied with either eating or running around with her friends so I took a few once home. At school before eating though, they all did a little prayer to "Give Thanks" which is one shot I did capture. Grandma will be happy to know that she repeats her prayer at home a lot too.
I think this Christmas will be a real memorable one, not that they all aren't but Siena is now at that prime age of wonder & excitement about Santa & how it all works. We've been talking alot about Santa. The other night she wanted to know how Santa was going to come into the house to bring her presents, so I had to show her the chimney even from the outside so she could see where he comes in at. She told me also that "we have to leave carrots for Reindeer Nose. " AKA Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
We aren't going anywhere this Thanksgiving. We plan to cook a little dinner here just for the 3 of us to enjoy. I do plan to get a little Christmas shopping done. I will probably run out to Old Navy for a minute. They will be open & are having a good sale.
I give many many Thanks this year for my family. We know we are so Blessed to have Siena in our lives! I wish for many other children to be able to come home from China or where ever they may be. Hoping they will all come home to their forever home soon! What are you Thankful for?

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