Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Well you all missed the best show in town this morning so I thought I'd include a video clip this time. Siena's preschool 3 year old's classes held their Christmas Program today. It was the sweetest thing! All of the kids were adorable. I was so thankful that Siena didn't get stage fright. She did a great job. I don't think she found us in the crowd even though she said she saw us. I just think she knew we were there somewhere. They sang several songs, one of which was the Twelve Days of Christmas with all the hand signs included. That's the one that she had been practicing at home at lot. After the show we decided to go ahead to the Mall to see Santa. It was still pretty early so there wasn't a crowd to see him at all. Siena ran right up to him with no problem. She had told me that she was going to tell him that she was sorry. Sorry that she has so bad lately. Sure enough she did go right up to him and say, "I'm sorry." He looked confused so I told him that she had been bad & was saying that she was sorry. All too priceless! She told him a few other things too but I couldn't make them out other than her wanting some work books for Christmas. We had made out a list here at home a few days ago which also included mostly Mickey & Minnie & Kai-Lan items.

Last Tuesday was her class's Christmas party. The kids did a book exchange as gifts for each other. Siena received a Curious George book. Two of the Moms made the treats for the party. It will be my turn along with another Mom to give the Valentines party.
This year seems so much more magical I guess you could say. Siena is so into Christmas this year. Singing songs, watching Frosty 4 times already, talking a lot about Santa, making her Christmas's all good! We know that we are certainly Blessed & hope that Siena will be a Thankful little girl! At least we're trying hard to teach her that!

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