Sunday, January 24, 2010

She's Amazing!

Siena never ceases to amazes us. Especially with the things that she says lately. The other day I asked her to "do me a favor." Her reply was, "I'm all out of favors." LOL! No she didn't just make up it though, I know she heard that from Daddy. That's one of his favorites to me. So be careful of what you say in front of children.

Siena's little friend, Gracie left her a piece of her colored art work for Siena one day when her Mom dropped off some homemade soup for Mark. Siena was so excited to receive it. It caused a chain reaction for her to do the same. She made her own art on some note cards to send back to Graice & her friend, Sarah. She drew their family portraits & we had to mail them out. Today we had to mail out the ones that she did for Baba (grandma) & Aunt Lori. They weren't' bad either for a 3 year old. I wish I had taken pictures but I forgot to.

Then there was the informal dance recital at the Little Gym. The class had been getting ready for this for some time and now it was time to perform in front of the parents. The LG staff just had them wear a Princess dress or similar instead of a formal dance outfit so Siena couldn't wait to wear the blue Cinderella dress that she had been playing around the house in. All the girls were just beautiful. But uh oh....someone had stage fright! She stood frozen for most of the dance show and totally said no when the teacher asked her to show off her favorite dance move. Her teacher told me later that Siena had told her that she was scared. They weren't used to anyone sitting right in front, eyes glued to them & cameras flashing like crazy. But we were all proud just the same. After the show they were free to run in the gym & show off their talents which she loved much more. If I get the chance I'll later post a video clip of the recital.

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