Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another White Out!

Well it's another blizzard here in the North East. I think we are in the bulls eye again too. I have Spring Fever so bad! It was about this time 2 years ago that we were on the warm sunny beaches of Hawaii. Just wish we were there now. At least Mark made it home from his business trip to Tx. last night & was able to drive home from the airport before it hit. I was up really late last night & it hadn't started but when I got up this morning it was already about 2". It's mid day now & it looks like a good 7" according to the pile up on the patio table. It's really coming down hard still.
Well on to some other little happenings.....We got a nice surprise package from Aunt Betty yesterday when Siena & I came home from getting her a hair cut, lunch & Target shopping. There was a big package on the front porch. In it was a little something for all of us but of course Siena made out the best. Aunt Betty had packed it full of Valentine treats. Cards ($2.00 in Siena's card) , cookies, candy, stickers, valentine socks & etc. It's always nice to get a holiday package from Aunt Betty so we called her last night before Siena went up to bed so she could thank her.
Just had to share a little something else....I got a really good deal the other day at the Children's Place in the Mall. They always have great sales! Everything that had a "Sale" sign was $3.99 or less. That was even jackets & sweaters. I didn't go too crazy though and only got a few things that I was going to save for next year. I like to sometimes buy Siena's clothes for the following year if they are on sale. I can usually predict how much she will grow since she's not growing too fast. Just hope she doesn't hit a big growth spurt. So for only $8.49 I got a hooded sweater, fleece jacket, 1 pr. socks & 5 pr. of tights. Not a bad deal!

Some of the Valentine Treats from Aunt Betty. Thank you Aunt Betty!

My Deal of the Day!
See what $8.49 will buy if you know how to shop!

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