Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring is in the Air .....& on the Ground!

The 1st sign of Spring? We sure hope so!

We've had some really nice days this week but of course like most things it must all come to an end. Today it's raining & that's supposed to continue into the weekend. We were able to get outside on a few of those nice days to play. We also spotted the crocus in the flower beds coming up. Wooo Hooo! Spring? We all know that's the 1st sign of Spring! It was especially nice to get out since last week Siena had strep throat & basic head cold crud & missed 2 days of school. She was back at school this week & oh what fun, we got to bring home the class pet, Bear the hamster. We left class yesterday (Thur) but I forgot to take him home so I just got back from picking him up. I can see it now.....I just hope he doesn't get out & get lost or Momma will be out in the middle of the night trying to buy a new hamster.When I got Bear home, Siena wanted to take him out & put him in his exercise ball. I told her that she had to be careful & that he could poop on her. Her reply, "I'm Not going to do it." So guess who took Bear out?

Siena watches Bear run around in his excercise ball.

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Carrie said...

My sweet girl has the exact same jammies!! I love my little cheeky monkey and yours is super cute too!!!!