Monday, March 01, 2010

Moon Cakes, Party Time & A Special Welcome!

Traditionally in China, Chinese New Year would have started on Feb. 14 & continued on for 15 days ending with the Lantern Festival. Since we weren't able to have our FCC (Families with Children from China) Chinese New Year party earlier in Feb. as planned because of the snow, it was rescheduled for this past Saturday, Feb.27. So at least we were able to have it before the actual CNY ended.
As always it was a nice party with lots of local families. For our party it's always the slide show that is the main attraction. It consists of photos of the children from Gotcha Day to present & other events in their lives. Added this year was the Dragon Dance. A couple of the members had made Dragon costumes that some of the girls paraded around in. Yes, one of those girls was Siena. She had lots of fun running around this year with all the big girls. She also received a traditional red envelope with gold coins in it. Yeah...right. I wish, gold coins. They just happened to be gold wrapped chocolate coins. But to Siena, chocolate is better than gold. So once we got home I opted to give her some real money for her CNY gift. gold this year. Only paper money.

We also had an even better addition to the party this year! Our good friends Maribel & Elmo have finally become new parents. Last week they got a call from their domestic adoption agency that a baby boy was waiting for them in Florida. Yes...they just returned home the other day as proud parents of baby Kevin. He is 5 months old and a whopping 20 lbs! He's a healthy & very alert little guy. We all couldn't be any happier for them. He's a beautiful little boy!

Proud Parents Maribel & Elmo with Baby Kevin

On Friday which was the day before the CNY party I had Siena set up with a cooking class at the Young Chefs Academy as part of her Chinese New Year present. We had never been before but apparently they hold different classes with menus to reflect the different holidays. So how fitting it would be to attend a class that had a Chinese New Year menu. Siena made moon cakes & Chinese lettuce wraps. Even one of her little friends from The Little Gym joined us for the fun too. Both recipes were easy & tasted good according to Siena. No, she didn't let Momma taste anything. Good thing I got a copy of the recipes so I can make my own.

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