Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch with the Boys

There are tons of pumpkin patches around here so the other day we went up to one right after school. We went with 2 other kids & their Moms to a small nursery that had a play area for the kids along with a small pumpkin patch to pick out a mini pumpkin. Even though the other 2 kids were boys, Siena didn't seem to mind. So I've been told by her though, Evan, one of the boys is the one that Siena & her little girlfriends at school love to chase on the playground. When she 1st told me about it, I asked her if she ever sat with him at snack time or any other boys. Here reply was, "NO! Like I told you before, Momma, I don't like boys!" But she sure liked running around with them at the pumpkin patch.

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