Thursday, October 07, 2010

It's Finally Fall!

Well I suppose it's finally Fall around here. I love it! Siena always says that September is her favorite month since she can go back to school. Now that it's October though the leaves are starting to change. As much as I miss Florida at times, it's times like this that I really don't. I love a change of season & we have that around here. I've gotten most of my Fall decorations up outside; a fall leaf wreath on the door & even another wreath that I made & hung on the other end of the front porch. I know....I need to get a pic. so you can see what I mean so maybe some pics. of Siena on the porch will come in my next post. But 1st I still need to get some fall mums & pumpkins. isn't a Holiday without Aunt Betty pulling through on her wonderful care package of goodies to all of us. Today we received a box full of Halloween goodies. We all got our favorite treats. I think Siena loved her cheese goldfish more than anything. I of course love my chocolates the best & I'm not sharing. LOL! Thanks Aunt Betty! Here's Siena posing with all of the goodies.

Preschool is going really well. Siena is happy to be making some new little girlfriends this year along with her old pals. One of the Mom's just sent out emails inviting everyone to a mini farm/ pumpkin patch tomorrow. It sounds like a lot of fun with lots of activities to wear out the kids for the day. There will even be a favorite there of Siena's. A Moon Bounce. I think we'll be wearing the new shirt that Aunt Betty sent too!
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